Samsung Releases First Tizen Based Smartphone

Samsung Tizen3

We all have heard about iOS and Android, but Samsung’s latest smartphone doesn’t use any of these OS. In fact, Samsung Z employs a new operating system, which is known by the name of Tizen and shall be on sale in Russia (July-September quarter). Samsung has been working with Intel in order to come up with this OS, which is a great alternative to iOS and Android.Samsung Tizen4

So what is Samsung trying to accomplish here? We all know that Samsung has been working with Android for quite some time now, but, now it would seem that Samsung wants to try out something different as well. Andrew Milroy, Vice President of Frost & Sullivan, has stated that ‘It enables Samsung to hedge its bets much better compared to some of its rivals. However, it is unlikely to make a significant dent on the Android market share.’Samsung Tizen2

Samsung will be showing off the smartphone at the Tizen Developer Conference, which is being held in San Francisco in this week. There is no news regarding the price of the smartphone yet. As of now, Samsung is leading the Android market and according to experts, Samsung has opted to try out the new OS in order to maintain the lead.Samsung Tizen

Ian Fogg, HIS Consultancy, said; ‘Samsung is seeking to integrate its own components, displays, software and services. Using Android makes the firm dependent on Google, meaning its ability to differentiate its products is less strong than if it had installed its own operating system. But by going down the Tizen route, the risk is the firm doesn’t have enough high quality apps available to make the devices good enough for consumers.’

Right now, Samsung is busy encouraging the software developers to work on the Tizen Store, which will also be providing a special promotion to all the programs developers for one complete year. Samsung will also be benefitting from the revenues as they will flow directly into Samsung’s pocket instead of Google.Samsung Tizen5

However, Samsung will have to work hard in order to sell this OS to the market since it is already coming quite late to the party. However, the OS makes use of HTML5 and that is something which will definitely attract the developers to turn towards Tizen. Fingers crossed for Samsung! Check out the youtube video below for more:


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