Samsung Is Set To Launch A Folding Tablet In 2017

Samung's foldable screen to be released in 2017

We are all faced with the dilemma for settling for smaller screens so that they may fit our pockets. Part of the reason people prefer iPhones is that it is smaller and sleeker than a Galaxy. To nullify this and introduce a new tech at the same time, Samsung is introducing a foldable tablet that doubles into something resembling a book as early as next year.

According to Korean News ETNews, the new product is known as smartlet in Samsung’s circles and will be a 7-inch screen when unfolded, thus giving us the rare luxury of having a tablet screen in our hands that can be placed inside an average jeans pocket. When folded, it becomes only five inches as a whole. The Korean tech giant has spent three years perfecting this new technology and will be mass-producing later this year to cater for the demands of the 2017 release. It is widely known in the tech circles as the Foldable Valley as it has a huge screen compared to smartphone models.

While in communication with the investors, Director of Samsung’s display division Lee Chang-Hon said that the development of the foldable OLED is being undertaken according to plan, and they are planning en mass production soon and discussing it with potential stakeholders as well. Anonymous sources are also of a view that a similar device is already undergoing tests in China.

According to these unconfirmed reports, the device will have a Snapdragon 620 or 820 processor, 3 GB Ram, a micro SD slot and a non-removable battery. I am sure the Samsung users can cope with a non-removable battery if an emerging tech like this is on the table!

Here is the ad campaign for Samsung’s OLED flexible display phone and tablet. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one!

Samung's foldable screen to be released in 20172

High-resolution screens on extremely thin plastic film are being prepared for this gadget. As a result, the screen could be bent without shattering. However, this kind of bend would surely need a mechanism because it is more of a fold than a simple bend. Critics want us to take this news with a pinch of salt. But, I am sure with talks and reports of this device, something may be on the cards from Samsung even if it is not the magical folding screen that we are discussing right now. LG has also progressed in foldable screens and has developed foldable 18-inch Ultra HD display that uses plastic as backing.

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