Guy Spent 3 Years Making An Incredible Mini Theme Park That Uses Marble Stones

best marble machine ever!

Sparks of creativity and hard work need to be appreciated even if they apparently serve no purpose. We are always criticising people like this guy because their work doesn’t fulfill any needs and yet yank out our cameras and money for the latest non-descript model of smartphones. We cannot appreciate the refined innate brilliance of the person’s mind just because it doesn’t matter. If it were suddenly sold for 2 million dollars, everyone would be going gaga over it. Anyway, this guy designed and manufactured an ultimate marble miniature Adventureland where they zoom across castle walls, ski jumps, bridges, and water barrages. The amazing thing is that using they move from one place to another using gravity more than anything else. Here is the video of its intricate working and the inventor’s pure genius:

The miniature whirlwind Funland is approaching completion, and the filming of this video alone took two weeks that shows the incredible detail the guy took to achieve it. The small metallic ball zooming across the infinite model is a real treat to watch, and we have to applaud him for his engineering ability as well since the tiny metal balls don’t go overboard and always stay in the system constantly moving from one landmark to another. Heck, it looks like a perpetual machine that requires no energy to operate at all.

He just needs to paint and shape it a little, and it will be good to go. All in all, it can handle more than 300 marbles at one time and it is nice to follow each one of them individually and in groups as well. This project probably cost a lot of money, and the guy has plans to sell it. I believe that this Marvel shouldn’t be taken out of his hands and should become a part of Smithsonian or something. It is at that level I guess!


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