Samsung Introduces New Technology That Makes Your Pictures Life-like


The incredible advancement in video and streaming quality over the years have fueled the race of creating the ultimate platform for its display; the two main competitors being Samsung and Sony. While Sony has been making magic with its new line of 4k HDR television, it seems as though Samsung has taken the lead with the introduction of a brand new technology called quantum dots.

They explain that a quantum dot consists of a semiconductor crystal measuring at the scale of nanometres. Meaning Samsung is now able to control the colour and contrast of the screen on the scale of nanometers!

Quantum dots are also photo-active, so unlike the light from conventional TVs which is diffused by adjacent colours, they absorb and then emit light. Thus, they eliminate the diffusion of the colours and increase the precision of the blending red, green and blue on the screens. The company also claims that their Samsung SUHD TVs can now display as many as 1 billion colour shades!

But it’s not only the quantum dots; they have also upgraded on HDR100 and taken it up to HDR1000 in the latest Samsung SUHD TV displays. This means the picture will be now wider and also able to display richer range of colours images. And because Samsung’s HDR1000 technology can deliver a peak brightness of 1000 nits, this will make the dark things darker and the bright things brighter than ever before.

Learn about HDR1000 in the video below:

And this engineering master class is packaged in a seamless, sleek silhouette design, with not a single visible screw reducing its finish. With bezel-less curved screen and a super sleek back, Samsung has truly outdone itself this time. And of course, it also comes with all the smart features such as being able to connect to your Android, laptop, WiFi, etc.

To learn more about this beautiful design, see the video below.

Sony or Samsung, What’s your choice? Let the war begin in the comments’ section below!

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