Japan Is Building The World’s First Typhoon Turbine To Power The Country For 50 Years


Being an island nation, Japan is regularly hit by the typhoons. A Japanese engineer, Atsushi Shimizu has developed the first typhoon wind turbine in the world.


Image Source: Challenergy


Shimizu wants to harness the energy from hurricanes as a rare form of renewables. He believes that the egg-beater-like contraption could power up the country for half a century by harnessing the energy from one typhoon.


Image Source: Challenergy


The storms and typhoon pack in an enormous amount of kinetic energy. An estimate made by the Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory revealed that energy produced by a mature typhoon is nearly equal to half the global electric power generation capacity.


Image Source: Challenergy


The real challenge in designing a typhoon turbine is to develop an efficient turbine to harness the incredible source of green energy economically.



Challenergy is a vertical-axis Magnus generator devised by Shimizu. Challenergy can withstand powerful storm winds and typhoons and can harness energy for electricity generation.


Image Source: AP
Image Source: Reuters



The strong winds and tidal waves damage property and incur high repair costs. Thus, the Japanese are eager to find out if the turbine would work.

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