Samsung Is Finally Launching Its Foldable Phone Called Galaxy X


The foldable phones are what Samsung needs right now to wane away the stigma of their exploding Note 7 phones.  Their “mythical” foldable smartphones might be close to a release, at least that’s what a report from the Korea Herald says.

The Herald claims that the much-anticipated flexible smartphone will finally see daylight in the third quarter of this year. The concept was first introduced way back in 2013, and it’s after more than three years of development that the phone is taking a definite shape.

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The design presents some technical hurdles such as how to enable the hard parts like the circuit boards to fold seamlessly, or even slightly bend without shattering into pieces. And even if the concept might become physically possible, it still depends on Samsung assessing the final “marketability and profitability” of the device before it is sent for production, the report states.

This point raises some eyebrows, as the rumor doesn’t fit if the Korean manufacturer is still deliberating on releasing this game-changing device with only about nine months to go before it reportedly ships more than 100,000 units.

Pic Credits: cdn

But still, the design is so unique that we must speculate on some of the features of Samsung ‘Galaxy X’. The reports are that this smartphone of unknown size will be able to fold out into a 7-inch tablet once it is ‘opened’. The Herald also reported that the display is likely to be OLED. This folding device would allow a smaller and more portable package to carry around while almost doubling the size of the screen.

Pic Credits: cdn

A Samsung patent filing from 2015 has already shown their interest in not only foldable smartphones but the ones that can be rolled up like a scroll.

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