Take A VR Tour Of The White House With Barack and Michelle Obama


After last August’s “Through the Ages” VR journey commemorating the 100th anniversary of the US National Parks Service, Obama is back in 360-degree view raising awareness about natural and historical landmarks of USA. This project is created with Oculus Rift joining hands with Felix & Paul Studios to create a VR tour called “The People’s House: A Tour of the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama.”

The experience includes a 360-degree tour of the White House shot for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR devices. The tour begins on the “state floors” of the White House. It features not only the highly public areas like the Cross Hall but also more off-limits locations like The Situation Room, where intelligence and national security officials usually sit and use the central information system alongside the president.

Pic Credits: new atlas

The tour is led by none other than Barack and Michelle Obama, who walk you through the historic corridors while discussing each location’s historical significance, along with personal stories and modern musings. The tour also entails a one on one talk in the Oval Office with the president, making this VR visit way better than the average White House tour.

This project is aimed at giving popularity and legitimacy to the latest media medium, along with highlighting the historically significant locations. The 8-minute version of “The People’s House: Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama” can be seen on the Oculus Videos application for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

You can also watch a 360-degree video of the same tour below, which is not as impressive as the VR version but it still is pretty interesting. A more detailed VR version of the tour will be available soon.

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