Samsung Could Soon Stop Shipping Chargers With Its Galaxy A And Galaxy M Series

Previously, Samsung had mocked Apple for not giving chargers with iPhone 12. But when the Galaxy S21 series arrived just a few months later, it did not have a charger included.

It seems like Samsung is now thinking of dropping the chargers from even its affordable devices.

Samsung stops shipping chargers with its new Galaxy A series phones in the  US - news

It is being said that the mobile retailers in Europe have confirmed that some entry-level Samsung phones won’t ship with a charger in the box. The list includes the Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23 which were unveiled earlier this week. The Galaxy M23 and Galaxy M33 are also supposed to be out soon but haven’t been officially announced yet.

Samsung stops shipping chargers with its new Galaxy A and M series Archives  - Himal Sanchar

Samsung knows that customers will not really revolt against this decision. They will come to terms with the fact that their phones don’t come with chargers anymore. This will enable the company to increase its margin on these affordable phones that have slim margins, to begin with.

It’s now confirmed that the trend will carry over to the more budget Galaxy A series with the US landing pages for the Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A03s confirming no in-box wall plug.

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