Russia’s Most Advanced Operational Tank Has Reportedly Been Destroyed In Ukraine


On Wednesday, Ukrainian media posted a video featuring the wreckage of a badly damaged Russian T-90M Proryv-3 combat tank.

The T-90 main combat tank, also known as the T-90M Proryv, is Russia’s newest best fighting tank, and it was just destroyed in Ukraine, marking the first confirmed loss of a T-90 M.

According to sources, unlike previous generations of Russian tanks, the T-90M has almost every function that current Western tanks have.

The T-90M Proryv now has a modified turret that separates it from the serial-production model. In addition, the Proryv boasts a breakthrough multi-channel sighting system that allows it to fire weaponry at any time of day or night and share data in real-time with other vehicles.

The T-90M tank beats its predecessor, the T-90, in terms of combat efficiency while retaining the previous model’s advantages of high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Only twenty T-90Ms are believed to be in service with Russia’s Ground Forces at the time.


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