Russia Has Claimed That The U.S Is Training Birds To Spread A Ukrainian Bioweapon

A military spokesperson from Russia has stated that Kyiv intends to deploy biological or man-made diseases against their soldiers, including the odd assertion that the West is intending to transfer infections through birds. Major General Igor Konashenkov, the chief spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, made this assertion last Thursday on RIA Novosti, a TV media outlet controlled by the Russian government.

More than two weeks have passed since Russia attacked Ukraine, and it appears that the Kremlin is not winning the media battle. That decision is most certainly immature at least. But what is evident is that the Russian government’s attempts to persuade its own public that Ukraine is the invader and that the Kremlin is legitimate in attacking a foreign power, are getting increasingly frantic. The Kremlin, for instance, claims that the US has taught an infantry of migrating birds to carry biological and chemical weapons manufactured by the Ukrainian military and that the birds are prepared to travel to Russia and launch those hazardous bombs.

Russia claims Ukraine destroying evidence of US-funded bioweapons program —  RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Pigeons were notably employed to carry signals throughout both World Wars, and although there was Project Pigeon, a US Army operation in which birds were instructed to reside inside missiles in an attempt to drag munitions into your objectives. It was never successful. Major General Igor Konashenkov, the main spokesperson for the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence, talked on media about this outrageous scheme. It’s pointless to become engaged in this conflict, but for the fact, birds cannot be perceived as a threat site with bioweapons in Russia or elsewhere.

The Kremlin has ratcheted up its disinformation campaign, with officials accusing the U.S. and Ukraine of developing weapons of mass destruction

The Russian Defence Ministry also claimed to have discovered US and Ukrainian plots to transmit the disease via birds.

‘At least two species of migrating birds were discovered, the pathways of which mostly travel through Russia, and data on migratory routes through Eastern European nations were also compiled,’ according to a press statement.

Russia, China, and the United States have all signed international treaties prohibiting the use of chemical and biological weapons, yet the entire international community believes Russia has employed chemical weapons in violent attacks. According to UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, the World Health Organization indicated that “they are uninformed of any behavior on the side of the Ukrainian government that is incompatible with its international agreement responsibilities, notably on chemical weapons or biological weapons.”

Even though the Russian government is well aware that what it is claiming is plainly false, it is also aware that some appropriate organizations overseas are eager to embrace any notion that Putin is fighting a fair war, and hence they will be happy to disseminate these confirmations. As a consequence, even as it says that pigeons are being prepared to carry biological and chemical weapons, the Kremlin tries to expand a gap between the left and right in the United States.

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