Russia Rejects Accusations Of Stealing Oxford Research On Coronavirus

Putin KGB

Russia has denied what it calls false allegations on stealing the research work from Oxford University. U.K, Canada, and the U.S from the past couple of days have been reporting on Russia hacking the critical developments in making a vaccine for Coronavirus.

Russia says it could come up with an effective vaccine as close as of September. They have already created an agreement with AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical with massive production capacities.

The false allegations on such a critical worldly matter concerning the lives of millions were addressed by making Moscow’s Sovereign Wealth Fund announce the details of the agreement to the public.

Head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Kirill Dmitriev said in an interview that Moscow already had a deal with AstraZeneca to manufacture the potential British vaccine in Russia. All the information, data, and research necessary in producing vaccines in R-pharm are already in place said the Russians.

At the same time, Russia claims that they have completed phase 1 of testing their vaccine on several people while the next round of testing is ready to go, including examination of thousands with the effectiveness of the vaccine. Later, in case of success, the use would be extended to Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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