Indian Software Engineer Hacks Former Employer To Get His Job Back

Indian Software Engineer Hacked Former Employer To Get His Job Back

What would you do if your company laid you off over a disagreement about your salary during a lockdown? The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has caused major paradigm shifts in today’s market. We have seen many businesses go under while many businesses have switched to work from home. This is the story of an Indian software engineer who decided to get his job back in a very unusual way.

Indian Software Engineer Hacked Former Employer To Get His Job Back

Vikesh Sharma was working as a senior software engineer in the company and was recently arrested for hacking his former employer and erasing information while hoping that this would lead to him getting hired again. As per the reports, the software engineer was fired because of a disagreement over his salary.

The senior software engineer, unlike others who get laid off, decided to take a very unusual route. Generally, when you get laid off, you tend to move on and look for other jobs. However, this particular software engineer had other plans. He hacked his former employer’s database and removed thousands of patient details while hoping that his ex-boss would reach out to him and get the situation fixed. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

When the former employer of Sharma noticed the security breach, they reached out to the police, and an investigation was initiated. The IP address of the hacker was tracked, and when Vikesh attempted to delete more data, he was caught in the act. The arrest took place in Old Maujpur on Thursday. Sharma admitted his guilt.

Indian Software Engineer Hacked Former Employer To Get His Job Back

As per his confession, he hacked his way into his previous employer’s database and removed 18,000 data entries of patients, billing information of almost 300,000 patients, and doctored 22,000 false entries. He says that he did all of this so that the former employer would hire him back to fix the situation. Do let us know what you think of this.

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