Russia Has Developed A New Kind Of Sleeper Drone – And It Is Named The ‘Joker’

Russia has taken unmanned aerial warfare to a new level with the development of the “Joker” sleeper drone, unveiled recently by Russian news outlet TASS. This cutting-edge drone is designed to stay hidden from electronic countermeasures and can sleep or hibernate for extended periods before being activated to unleash destruction upon its targets.

According to Dmitry Kuzyakin, the director general of the Center for Integrated Unmanned Solutions, the “Joker” drone, along with its top model “Ultimatum,” was developed at the Central Design Bureau. These drones equipped with a hibernation tool can strategically position themselves for an attack and lie dormant for several weeks, remaining undetectable during this time. This feature proves invaluable for tactical deployments as the drones can be placed on dominant heights, building roofs, or other elevated structures in preparation for a surprise attack. When the time is right, the operator can activate the drone remotely, and it will be ready to strike almost instantly, catching the adversaries off guard.

The use of the hibernation tool not only allows for better positioning but also significantly reduces the time required to prepare the drone for an attack. The quick activation ensures that countermeasure systems have little chance to respond effectively. As a result, a single FPV pilot can strategically place and activate up to 15 sleeper drones sequentially, giving Russia a considerable advantage on the battlefield.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has witnessed an increasing use of drones, making the “Joker” drone a natural progression in the evolving tactics of modern warfare. Both sides in the conflict have been utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles to identify and engage targets, with low-cost commercial drones being widely adopted.

However, Russia has used other unmanned weapons in Ukraine besides the “Joker” drone. Attacks have employed Iranian-made drones, like the Shahed-136, underscoring Russia’s dependence on external suppliers as a result of Western sanctions limiting its own capacity to produce weapons. Additionally, Orlan-10 unmanned aerial aircraft have been used by Russian authorities to acquire information and interfere with local communication systems.

The Orlan-10, which is produced by a Saint Petersburg-based business and only utilized by the Russian military, is well-known for its stealthy design that makes it difficult to find. It has grown to be a valuable asset in operations for gathering intelligence and surveillance. It is launched and landed using a catapult and parachute.

Russia is leading an FPV (First-Person View) revolution in armaments with the introduction of the “Joker” sleeper drone and other cutting-edge unmanned aerial vehicles. These drones have the ability to change the dynamics of modern warfare as their technology and functions advance, providing strategic benefits to those who acquire and use them effectively.

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