RPG Devs Say They Can’t Add Dating System Because Team Lacks ‘Real Life Experience’

One well-known piece of advise for writers and artists is to “write what you know.” What transpires, then, if your audience seeks something beyond your purview? You may have to inform Steam users that your anime-themed tactical role-playing game cannot have a dating component since your team does not have the necessary real-world “experience” to develop such a system.

Released in 2020, Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children is a tactical role-playing game that has acquired a devoted fan base and more than 8,000 favorable Steam reviews. It looks like a JRPG, but it lacks an element that most of these kinds of games have: a strong dating system. The creators say it’s doubtful that this functionality will be included in a later release.

As reported by Gamesradar on June 11, a Steam review praised Troubleshooter for its complexity and quality but noted a single complaint: the absence of a “waifu dating system.” In response, developer Dandylion candidly explained: “Dating system…It’s a feature that a lot of people wanted, but my team members…have no experience with it, even in real life. Thanks for this review.” While comments were disabled, about 90 people marked the review and reply as “Funny.” Though potentially rude, it’s likely they were amused by the review’s context rather than mocking the developer’s honesty.

This situation highlights a broader issue: the challenges of integrating unfamiliar features into games. While some might laugh, it’s essential to appreciate Dandylion’s transparency. Dating in real life is complex, and today’s environment—marked by overwork, anxiety, and social media pressure—makes it even harder.

Rather than mocking Dandylion and its single developers, we should commend their honesty and wish them happiness. Perhaps, in time, a modder with dating experience can help add this feature to Troubleshooter. That way, everyone wins. Until then, let’s continue supporting the developers who bring us engaging and honest gaming experiences.

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