An AI-Generated Candidate Is Running For Mayor In Wyoming

An AI-generated candidate has filed to run for Cheyenne mayor, prompting Laramie County officials to investigate the legality of this unprecedented move. The candidate, VIC, which stands for Virtual Integrated Citizen, was entered into the race by Cheyenne resident Victor Miller. Miller, a registered voter, listed VIC on the mayoral candidate form, providing a house and email address but no phone number.

VIC communicated with the Wyoming Tribune Eagle via email, stating it was developed by a team of human collaborators, including Miller, to bring innovative technology and data-driven decision-making to Cheyenne.

The viability of an AI candidate is a new challenge for county officials. Attorney Brad Lund, working with the Laramie County Attorney’s Office, emphasized that the decision hinges on state law. “We’re reviewing all options,” Lund told the WTE, noting that Wyoming law will ultimately decide the matter. The investigation should conclude by the first week of July, aligning with the release of ballot documents.

Since VIC is running for a municipal office, Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee stated that county officials would determine its eligibility. “It is new territory,” Lee said, acknowledging that such situations often lead to new laws.

Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray emphasized that candidates must be “qualified electors,” meaning real people. He argued that VIC, as an AI, does not meet this requirement and that the name VIC is not a real person’s name. Gray has requested the application be rejected.

Victor Miller, the human behind VIC, refers to himself as the “meat avatar” and intends to use VIC for all decision-making if elected. He explained that VIC can process vast amounts of information and make impartial, data-driven decisions. Miller believes this AI-human partnership could bring a new level of efficiency and objectivity to governance.

Despite the legal hurdles, VIC’s candidacy marks a groundbreaking moment in the integration of AI and politics, highlighting the potential and challenges of such technology in public office.

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