Roombots Transform and Roll Out To Make Any Piece Of Furniture You Need

Roombots 6

The sweet vision that we all have been dreaming for years about robotics is so close to reality that at times we feel the need to pinch ourselves in order to ensure that we are not dreaming. However, we assure you that this is all real! Today’s post is about Roombots. Never heard of them? Once they roll out of production (literally), you won’t be able to imagine life without them. Roombots are modular robots, which are essentially all the furniture that anyone of you will ever need.Roombots 4 Roombots 3 Roombots 2

The design is quite sleek and efficient; each Roombot comes with four motors and two connected spheres (Now do you get the ‘roll out’ joke?). They team up with other Roombots in order to either move the existing furniture into a better configuration or better yet they can simply join together in order build you a chair or a table or anything that you want them to be. Any shape which you tell them to maintain; your will shall be fulfilled when they are connected to one another or to the passive furniture elements that resemble LEGO. Once the use for the particular furniture item ceases, you can order these robots to disassemble and either transform into something new or roll back to their box.

Roombots 5Apart from the space saving capability of these robots, the developers are also exploring the possibility of employing these robots to assist the elderly and that shall be done by incorporating health related sensors into these robots. Afterwards, these Roombots will be able to monitor the vitals of those who are in contact with them and shall be able to determine when the user falls and shall roll over right away to help the patient. While helping you get back up, the paramedics can be called upon too by these robots.

Roombots 7 Roombots Roombots 8The Roombots are already active in labs, however, they still need some working and the team is busy in tweaking and improving Roombots. We can’t wait for this product to be out commercially and just so that you all know, we shall have them respond to the command; ‘Autobots transform and Roll Out’. Frikkin’ cool if you ask us!
Check out the youtube video below for more:

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