Intel’s Unveils Jimmy, A 3D Printed Robot That Can Perform A Number Of Tasks

Jimmy 5

It’s been a while since we heard of something wonderful coming from Intel, right? Time to get ready then; Intel has recently displayed what is a 2’ tall robot that can be 3D printed at home and is capable of a number of tasks which include singing, translating, tweeting and open to user-defined programs as well. Isn’t this great?SAMSUNG CSC Jimmy

The robot has been named Jimmy and Intel has plans for releasing this super robot later this year. The 3D printing plan and instructions will be available for free whereas the components that can’t be printed shall be sold by partners that will include motors and an Intel Edsion processor and the accompanying kit. Intel hopes that the price for Jimmy will be less than $1,600. Brian Krzanich, Intel’s Chief Executive, was seen with Jimmy at the stage of Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The robot, in fact, introduced itself and waved its arms.

Jimmy 4 Jimmy 3According to Intel, the users who will own Jimmy will be capable of programming it to perform different tasks and these programs can be shared with other users as well. Intel is working to generate a databank of programs, which will be accessible by all users and can be employed by anyone who owns a jimmy unit. According to a speculation by Intel, the price for Jimmy will fall below the mark of $1,000 in about five years.

Jimmy_boston 2.jpgIntel researcher Brian Johnson, also the project lead, says; ‘What’s so exciting about the open source model is the public gets involved in developing this first generation of crowd-sourced, consumer robots. We all get a say in what they do, and together we will come up with far more ideas, more innovation, and more creativity.’
Check out the youtube video below for more:

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