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Roland Iten’s Calibre R822 Predator Is The World’s Most Expensive Belt Buckle

Roland Iten's Calibre R822 Predator – Most Expensive Belt Buckle

Roland Iten is famous for making belt buckles and does so with such passion that you would be amazed by the buckles that have been created. The last belt buckle that he made was created in collaboration with Bugatti and was sold for a little less than a hundred thousand dollars (US) under the name of R22 Bugatti Calibre. His next creation has been named as Calibre R822 Predator and is priced at a whopping $400,000.

The belt buckle could verily be classed as mechanical jewelry that comes with complex mechanisms and is intricately detailed. Calibre R822 has 167 unique components and is fairly quick and easy when it comes to attaching it to a belt strap. Roland Iten’s website reads, “Once the wearer inserts the end of the leather strap in the buckle, the double ardillion tang engages effortlessly with the holes in the strap… Operating the Calibre R822 buckle is a veritable tactile pleasure, and it offers a simple, one-handed adjustment for two positions – looser, for driving or sitting, and tighter, for walking or playing sport.”

Calibre R822 is affixed with 387 baguette and round-cut diamonds that amount to 14.15 carats while employing high tech titanium as the mechanical platform. Only three units will be created by Roland Iten with each unit sporting 4 complications. The question that remains is, who would buy such expensive belt buckles?

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