Robotic Origami Stroller Charges Your Mobile As You Push

robotic stroller

Bethenny Frankel, husband Jason Hoppy and their daughter Bryn go for a stroll together in Soho, one day after their two year wedding anniversaryScience is progressing fast, look at what we have achieved in the last decade! It never does cease to amaze us; new inventions, innovations, improving previous designs and making our lives easier everyday. We are living in the era of technology. What was once considered pure science fiction is actually, physically, present today and is functional. We have come a long way from the times when TV was found in handful of people’ house.

Remember ‘The Jetsons’? Those super awesome cartoons that used to air back in the days when cartoons were genuinely good and not just random stuff which didn’t make much sense. Yes, we are almost at the same technologically advanced environment or at least there are some certain inventions which make us feel that way, for example; this all new Origami Strollers which are robotic strollers. These strollers come up with quite a number of features; USB charger, street lights and a pedometer. They are amazingly astounding but as with any new gadget, they do need major improvisations and design improvements.

Origami Stroller 4
Origami Stroller 3 They are still not portable and are quite bulky and hence heavy. However, keeping in mind that they are robotic, this isn’t something that was not expected. But we definitely hope that the makers would compensate this in the subsequent designs to make it more user-friendly. We also would want to point out another issue; when you’re trying to close it, the motors might jam during the collapsing. This may result in a panic attack for you and you will be left with half opened robot which cannot accommodate a child and you’d be carrying them both; child and your awesome stroller.Origami Stroller 2 Google won’t be of much help when it comes to manually closing the stroller. Yes, everything does go wrong simultaneously! But let’s face it, this is a new invention that is probably in its test phase and all these glitches will hopefully be taken care of in the next design. However, one cannot deny that this is one cool gadget to own and has the luxury of a car in terms of the features that it has to offer.


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