Fully Autonomous Robotic F1 Car Shows Its Autonomous Driving Skills In Paris

Roborace Electric Formula E Autonomous Car (3)

Autonomous vehicles may have sounded like a dumb idea a decade ago, but the recent developments have proven that the idea of fully autonomous cars will soon become and reality and not just for the ordinary roads but the racing tracks as well. While Tesla, Uber, and Waymo remain at the top in the autonomous passenger car area, Roborace is striving to become the first in the driverless racing arena. The Formula E Paris ePrix featured the autonomous all-electric Roborace car that ran a lap of 1.9 km with all the 14 turns.

The car is equipped with five lidar sensors, two radar sensors, two optical sensors, 18 ultrasonic sensors, six AI cameras, and satellite positioning information for the car to know its exact location and navigate its route. A Nvidia Drive PX2 capable of performing 24 trillion operations a second, processes all the sensor data.

The all-electric Roborace vehicle has a 540 kW battery and four 300 kW motors that can move the car up to speeds of 200 mph. While the car learns its route, and the developers find out how well the car learns, it is followed by a human-driven car.

Roborace released the official video of its Paris run last weekend, and the car will be seen again taking a lap in the next Formula E race in Berlin.

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