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Roborace Is An Autonomous Race Car That Will Be The Future Of Car Racing


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Apparently, the robots are much better drivers than the humans (we are not talking about Tesla here). Daniel Simon is concept artists who worked on many futuristic vehicle designs. He also designed concept cars used in the Hollywood flick ‘Tron’.


Roborace The Future of Car Racing Is Here_Image 3

Image Source: Daniel Simon



Simon envisions a future where autonomous race cars will replace the human drivers. ‘Roborace’ is a driverless, fully automated race car that can go as fast as 180mph. The computer-controlled Roborace comes out of the turns at astounding speeds.


Roborace The Future of Car Racing Is Here_Image 1

Image Source: Daniel Simon


Simon, who is also a former Bugatti designer, said:

“We’re living in a time where the once separated worlds of the automobile and artificial intelligence collide with unstoppable force. It’s fantastic to be part of this journey; it triggers all my big passions — motor racing, design and advanced technologies.”


Roborace The Future of Car Racing Is Here_Image 0

Image Source: Daniel Simon

Roborace The Future of Car Racing Is Here_Image 4

Image Source: Daniel Simon


The concept car is equipped with a plethora of antennae, sensors, and of course, cameras. The autonomous racing cars will use radar to zoom around the racing tracks at incredible speeds. See the complete design in this video:


How would you like to have one of these Roboracers? Let us know in comments!


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