Retired Italian Architect Makes Ship Models That Can Fly

Luigi Prina 3

We have been covering some really cool gadgets and technologies for you but this time, we have something far more unique for you. It is a classic and a masterpiece.
Luigi Prina 4 The creation comes from an 83 years old architect who goes by the name of Luigi Prina. If you visit his studio, you will find a myriad of miniature ships which are in different sizes and shapes suspended via nylon strings and are fully capable of flight!

Luigi Prina 2Mr. Luigi makes use of the propeller (twists it) and lets go of the model letting it fly around in the room making loops and circles. The aged architect recalls that he had the passion for ships ever since he can remember and he began crafting ships (models, ofcourse) while he was quite young. Then at the age of 16, this young guy decided to participate in the National Aircraft Modeling Competition and in his own words; ‘When I went to collect my prize, they (the judges who were immensely impressed) asked me: ‘Why didn’t your father come to collect his prize?’ ‘What do you mean my father, I am Luigi Prina!’ They were quite upset by this.’

Luigi Prina 5However, the idea to make his models fly came to Luigi about half a century later when he met a Venetian painter by the name of Eugenio Tomiolo. Luigi placed a bet with him that he could make his models fly and won it by crafting one which flew in the studio. Luigi retired about 20 years back and made use of this trick to craft above 200 ships which are capable of flying and are quite elegant as well. The models weigh pretty less; 20-50 grams and comply with law of aerodynamics. Balsa wood and very thin paper has been used in the ship’s body. The best part is that there isn’t any engine to power up the flight, instead Luigi makes use of rubber band so that the weight remains as minimum as possible while allowing the ship to fly. The rubber bands are imported from Japan and are the only kind which is able to live for over 20 years.

Luigi PrinaSo what did we learn from this post? That following our dreams is the key factor to living a happy life. Luigi is happy and content because he did what he liked!
Check out this youtube video on his works:


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