Look Up To The Sky, They Are Having Dinner – Wait, What?

Dinner in the Sky Brussels 2012

For all the restaurant lovers; this article should come as a treat. Why? Because you must have been at many restaurants with different themes and unique styles but the one we shall be showing you today is out of all those restaurants’ league.
dinner-in-the-sky1 Usually, we see that restaurants are more or less the same with the only difference being how they are being operated, decorated and different cuisines that they are capable of providing to the customers.

Dinner in the skySo what we have for you today is a unique type of restaurant which is known as ‘Dinner in the sky’ and sits about 50 meters above the ground! The idea is to have a table hanging at 50 meters height while the dimensions of the platform are; length of 9 meters and width of 5 meters. Now to the important question; how many people is the platform capable of carrying? The platform can, surprisingly, hold 22 diners while allowing room for 5 members from restaurant’s management team that act as waiters and serve food. This table can also be folded down for transportation and once folded, the dimensions are 2.5 meters width and length of 6 meters. The weight of table measures up to 5 tons and weighs in at 7 tons when fully loaded.

The table has 22 seats (obviously), comes with a rotation of 180 degrees and since safety comes first; the customer’s seat comes with 4-point seat belts. This whole assembly is lifted by employing a 120 ton crane which has 5 axes. The whole procedure requires about 2 hours and an area of 30 meters after which the detachment of facility is carried out within an hour.

Dinner in the Sky comes with many other features as well which includes TV screens, lights, heating, sound system and a custom banner (parties can be so much fun). The whole assembly comes with washrooms which are located on ground and the trip to washroom will take you only a minute(from sky to ground).

DinnerThe company has also introduced ‘Marriage in the Sky’, ‘Lounge in the Sky’ and ‘Showbiz in the Sky’. The whole idea sure is unique and well, a bit peculiar. However, considering the whole assembly is being lifted by a crane, Don’t get us wrong but we would prefer just dining out at a regular restaurant!

Check out the video below for more on this:

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