Renting An IP Address At A Data Center


Many people are unaware that whenever they load up a website or connect with another person online, the connection gives up your location to the website or the person. Naturally, when people are faced with this information, they are not happy at all. A combination of general privacy issues and cyber security requires most organizations and a lot of the general public to opt for proxy servers. 

With advancing technology, users can rent an IP address at a data center and easily create a proxy or private VPN. This is an extremely powerful proxy service that allows you to access unlimited IPs, and it authenticates and integrates into any software. US datacenters ensure a high-speed and reliable connection to your targets. Datacenters are a lot safer than using VPN services. We will learn how a datacenter proxy is safer than other public VPN service providers. 

How are proxies safe? 

A proxy allows you to connect to remote servers, conceal your IP address, and keep your identity safe. These proxies are way safer than public VPN services. Public VPN doesn’t necessarily add any additional security layer. Most public VPN providers want people to think that they make your connection completely secure on the internet, but that doesn’t hold true. On the contrary, datacenter proxies are not affiliated with any Internet Service Provider (ISP), and they usually come from cloud service providers. 

This feature allows multiple people to use the same proxy simultaneously. Smartproxy is an affordable option to get fast datacenter proxies in under two minutes. Purchasing a datacenter proxy in the US will let you stream as if you were in the US. You can access all the content that is viewable through a US IP address. But you need to remember these proxies won’t protect you from piracy and copyright infringement notices. So, you have to use proxies and learn new things every day.

How to create a datacenter proxy and work with them 

The process of renting an IP address and creating a proxy or private VPNs is quite simple. You need to start by renting a certain number of servers. The number entirely depends on how many IPs you want to offer. Moving on, you can set them up as proxy servers. Note that one server is one IP address. Everyone who connects to this proxy will share the same IP address. If you wish to have the option of different locations, all you need to do is get servers from a data center in different countries. 

These proxies have proved extraordinarily safe and fast, but maintaining them can be problematic. You need these proxies to be constantly accessible, configured, and protected correctly so that users don’t experience glitches and delays. Regular maintenance and checks can keep these proxies updated and free of errors. Creating proxies or private VPNs provides you with an extra layer of safety and helps you learn something along the way. 

A datacenter proxy works in a pretty simple way. When you send a request to a particular website, that request is processed through the intermediary server of proxies. Once this is done, the server helps you mask your IP address by assigning it a different IP address before sending the request. Moving on, the feedback of the request is then sent back through the newly assigned IP address before sending the feedback back to you. This is how proxies work, and websites won’t know the true origin of the request. 

Applications of proxies

These proxies are located on a cloud server, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, etc. We will shed light on some primary applications of datacenter proxies. 

  • Anonymous browsing 

These proxies are not located in real residential locations. While creating them, you find different locations to set on cloud servers. This factor helps you browse anonymously without leaking your actual location. YOu can mask your identity and browse freely on the internet without security concerns. 

  • Bypassing IP address bans 

These proxies are best suited for resolving IP bans. Once you connect to an intermediary server, your actual IP address is hidden, and a new one is assigned to you. This is how the website will not know that it’s you, the owners of the banned IP address. This will help your data scraping by sending multiple requests and not getting banned with the help of several IP addresses. 

  • Accessing geo-restricted content 

Many streaming sites have content restricted to specific locations. Sites like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and many more have libraries according to different geographical locations. With the help of these proxies, you can easily bypass these restrictions. You can view Canada’s Netflix library in India with proxy. With a vast network of locations, you can connect to servers in the country where the content is not restricted. 


Individuals widely use datacenter proxies all around the world. Rather than paying for the VPN company’s marketing, advertising, design, and other stuff, they have started creating this intermediary service. This helps users protect their identity on the internet by masking your IP address and assigning you a neutral IP address to browse on the internet freely. Renting an IP address on a data center and creating your own proxies can be extremely rewarding and satisfying. Other than masking your identity, creating proxies can also help you learn new things and save money. You won’t have to pay for monthly subscription programs. Once you have it, you will have an extra layer of security on the internet. Other than security, you can also bypass IP address bans and access geo-restricted content. If you are a business, you can use a proxy to scrape data, do market research, and enhance your social media marketing techniques.


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