This Red Shipping Container Is A Marvelous Tiny home On The Inside

Tiny container House (2)

Owning a home is not simple. It requires years of work and lots of savings to get a home to yourself but if you are looking to downsize from a big house, or just planning to get your first one, a tiny container house is a brilliant idea. As a bonus, you get to move it anywhere with you.

Living in a container home is not a new idea at all. People have been building dream houses out of shipping containers, and a lot of them do look dreamy without a doubt. The tiny living cuts down not just the price of the house itself but also the unnecessary costs of owning useless things.

This one shipping container house is on sale, and walking into the boring red container might feel like the doorway to Narnia. The ordinary looking outsides and the surprisingly well-furnished insides of the container will make you want it even more.

The entrance has a couple of gorgeous potted plants with a light hanging above the door. Once you walk in, you will be welcomed by a wood paneled spacious interior in a very light color and fairly high ceilings. The floor plan is cleverly designed to accommodate a kitchen, living room, and an appropriate bedroom. The dark colored carpet against the pale floor and the hanging lights give the place a little more spacious feel.

The kitchen big enough to fit in a full sized refrigerator, oven, sink, and counter space.

The light blue cabinets underneath will just make the day a bit more bright.

The living room with a window stuffs in a comfortable couch for two in front of a TV spot.

The bedroom is just big enough for a comfy double bed and the need for the nightstand will be fulfilled by the tiny shelves in the walls where you can throw the remote controls, phones, and your books.

The toilet, shower, washer and the dryer are on the far side, hidden by a sliding barn door.

The asking price for the container home is $50,000.

Get a tour of the house in the video below:


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