The Steve Jobs Theater In The Apple Park Is Supposed To Look Like A Laptop – Here Is The Progress

Apple Park Steve Jobs Theater 3

Apple’s new $5 billion campus Apple Park was just opened in April and employees have started moving in. As the project neared its completion in March, a drone video was released showing the progress since 2015.

The enormous spaceship campus has been in the works for years, but a part of it is still not complete which is the Steve Jobs Theater. The theater is meant to be used for the launch of future Apple products. The design of the Steve Jobs Theater is designed to resemble the Macbook Air laptop, and the progress so far shows a circular carbon-fiber roof spreading beyond the walls.

Source: Daily Mail

To make the underground laptop theater a reality, the architects hid wires between the joints of the glass walls. Another reminder of how much attention Apple pays to minute design details.

Source: Soy De Mac


A drone photography video by Mathew Roberts shows the progress of the Apple Park over the past year:

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