Watch This Spectacular Footage Of Record-Breaking Bridge In China At 1100 Feet

About a hundred years ago, the greatness of architecture differed immensely from what it is today. We are pushing the limits of architecture with the sky-high buildings and bridges that seem to be connecting clouds. China has been pocketing the records for the highest suspension bridges in the world for years, and all of them are unique in their beauty.

Image: Wikipedia
Image: Wikipedia

Aizhai Bridge, a spectacular steel suspension bridge in the heart of China’s province Hunan, is called the ‘most beautiful in the world’ by many in the media. Opened in 2012, the brilliant piece of architecture made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for being the highest and the longest valley suspension bridge in the world. The longest tunnel-to-tunnel bridge spans over 1,176 meters (3,858), soaring the skies above the clouds at the height of 336 meters (1,202 feet).

Image: Schreder

The bridge holds a four-lane highway and even features a panoramic walkway that is lit up at night with 1,888 lights.

Image: Wikipedia

New China TV recently released a video capturing the beauty of the Aizhai bridge in the heavens as it runs over the lush green valley of Dehang canyon.

Here is a bonus video of an amazing drive through the spectacular highway bridge.

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