10 Super Secure Houses That Will Save You From Zombie Apocalypse

Just kidding! Nothing will let you live through the end of the world, except if you permanently move to Mars. While we struggle to set foot on the red planet, we can figure out various ways to live peacefully and safely on our earth.

The zombie apocalypse? More like the robot apocalypse may hit us soon. You should have a look at this beautiful bunch of houses that will make you feel like home; a more secure and safe one indeed.

10. The Oppidium

It is a luxurious residence in the Czech Republic. It is equipped with the most advanced security system, multi-level underground shelter, huge stocks of food and water, medical supplies, and anything you might wish to have. The stock will be enough for you to survive almost 10 years while being packed underneath the layers of security.

Image: Mulimedial / Facebook
Image: LolaTiger/ Facebook

9. Vivos Xpoint

The luxury complex Vivos Xpoint near the Black Hills of South Dakota has a capacity of 5,000 people. It provides its residents with luxurious separate bunkers, access to lots of clean water, and a 24/7 onsite security. Good enough to live for a year or so!

Image: Vivos Survival Shelters
Image: Vivos Survival Shelters

8. Kansas Survival Condo

A rocket mine in Kansas was converted into this amazing survival condo that can survive a nuclear explosion without even pinching your comfort. It has a cinema, library, and swimming pool. Sadly, all the condos are already sold out. Is the world super scared of a nuclear war, or what?

Image: Lola Tiger/ Facebook

7. The Genesis

F9 Production created four futuristic houses, all designed for everyday living. However, they are fully protected from above-the-ground catastrophe. It’s blast-proof concrete cap, security tunnels, and life support systems seem to have been designed solely for a nuclear war.

Image: F9 Productions
Image: F9 Productions

6. Las Vegas Underground Bunker House

This underground home with two bedrooms and three bathrooms was built in the 1970s. It was meant to protect from the nuclear threat during the Cold War. The bunker hides under the house with its generator, elevators, an intercom system, a swimming pool, jacuzzis, and a dance floor.

Image: Bianca Leonhard
Image: Bianca Leonhard

5. Georgia Underground Bunker

This one was built in 1969 but renovated in 2012. It can withstand many threats like a 20-kiloton nuclear blast. It spreads over 32 acres of land with 3-foot-thick walls, decontamination showers, and an advanced air intake system.

Image: Fox40
Image: Fox40

4. Villa Vals

A nuclear blast protection may not be this house’s feature, but the Villa Vals provides an amazing place to live through the difficult time of an apocalypse. Dug into the mountainside, the house has four bedrooms, and the entrance is a 20-meter concrete tunnel. A private hydroelectric power station at the nearest thermal spring powers this villa. More like a vacation home to deal with the troublesome events!

3. Atlas Survival Shelter

This is a budget survival shelter that costs only $60,000 and protects from global catastrophe. It does not have the strength of concrete, but you can install it deep into the earth to have the best possible protection.

Image: Atlas Survival Shelters

2. Modern Vault Rooms

This is a comfortable shelter equipped with a fire containment system and a power generator. It can protect the residents from any outside danger. A security center hub, modular central couch, and modern TV system add comfort to the place.

Image: Ferrari Press/East News

1. Zombie Fortification Cabin

You can treat this as a Halloween party venue, but it comes with two spacious bedrooms, an arsenal storage for weapons, and a garden, garage, all with barbed wire around. The makers even offer a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee. Now we just have to find out where are the zombies hiding!

Well, these structures sure are future life-savers!

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