Wonderful Engineering

Raise Your Kids Like An Engineer With These 25 Genius Life Hacks

Being a parent is a blessing and also the toughest job, but there is a solution for everything around here. Following are 25 genius life hacks that will make your parental duties easier.

25. Keep your child’s pacifier clean

Put your child’s pacifier in a plastic packing to keep it clean, especially when on travelling.

24. House hold water balloon pump

Re use a large pump dispenser to fill water balloons. Genius life hack.

23. Make a limitation sign for your child

“You shall not pass” sign is amazing for your child to show that how much toilet paper he/she is supposed to use.

22. Kids! grip your pencils

A rubber band would help your child to grip their pencils better.

21. Get your kids the most inexpensive tap dance shoes.


Glue some pennies on the sole of your child’s shoes and give the most inexpensive tap dance shoes.

20. Safe play area for your child.

The inflatable pools are the safest playing area for your child. Keep you child safe with this life hack

19. Shower caddies are great food holders

Shower caddies are great for holding food while travelling.

18. Egg carton = card holders

You can place your cards on egg carton while playing, it won’t distract you.

17. Enjoy your jello Popsicle

Amazing and delicious life hack, Enjoy your Popsicle without making a mess.

16. Camera bag are much spacious than diaper bags

A camera bag have more spacious sections than a diaper bag, so better use a camera bag.

15. No more slipping

Apply glue on the sole of your child’s shoes to prevent them form slipping. Amazing and sweet life hacks.

14. Make a “doll hair spray” for your child

A small spray bottle with 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and water makes your child’s doll beautiful.

13. Danger free sparkles

A plastic cup will keep your child’s hand safe from sparkles. Keep your babies safe.

12. Heal up your child’s wounds

Helichrysum oil is very much essential for your accident prone child.

11. Remove stains from you baby’s clothes

Dawn, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda will get set-in baby food stains out of your child’s clothes. Give your baby stainless clothes.

10. A sticker is the best guide

Put a sticker that has been cut in half on shoes’ inner soles to show your child the correct foot for their shoes. Brilliant.

09. Cover up your picnic tables

Be creative with your picnic tables and cover it with an oilcloth to make it water resistant.

08. Stick your child’s cup with the fridge

Give your child their own designated cups with magnets and stick them to the fridge. Your kid will not use new cups all the time any more.

07. Make easy cookie carrier for your child

All you need is a tupperware tray and duct tape to create easy cookie carrier for your kid.

06. Safety spot stickers.

A safety spot sticker will remind your child not to wander off.

05. Save your baby from insect bites

A sheet on your baby’s crib will save your child from insect bites.

04. Create teething guards for your little one

Cut a some piece of fabrics around your baby’s cribs as a teeth guard.

03. Get some activity fro your child to make them busy

Make a busy wallet with some markers and fun papers for your child so that they keep them selves busy in some creative activities while on travelling.

02. Prevent your child’s bath toys from molding.

Glue up those holes in your bath toys so they don’t get all moldy and your children keep enjoying their bathing.

01. Dot method technique is helpful for all the parents

Placing a dot on your child’s cloth will help you to separate your baby’s cloth and not mix them up. This genius life hack is for those parents who have more than one child.