20 Great Life Hacks Every Parent Should Know

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Being a parent is the world’s biggest blessing but a great responsibility as well and having great life hacks every parent should know may it easier. So if you are blessed with children and you want to be a Super parents for your children, then you need to know these great life hacks every parent should know. They will make your life easier as a parent and will solve many of your problems.

Save some pennies and get yourself these unique tap dancing shoes

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Glue up some pennies on the sole of your shoes and get some amazing tap dancing shoes. All you have to do is to spare some pennies.

Put pacifiers in plastic containers to keep them clean

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If you want your baby’s pacifier germ free, then try this life hack.

Use an inflatable pools to provide your baby a safe playing area

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The biggest happiness for a parent is that their children are happy and safe. These inflatable pools give your baby safety and happiness.

No more mess in the car, try a shower caddy

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A shower caddy will help you in organizing your eatables in the car, and the best part is that no mess, no dirt.

Your baby will not slip anymore,apply glue on the bottom of their shoes

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Help your children from slipping again and again by applying glue on the bottom of their shoes. This will prevent  your kid from slipping.

No more sticky hands,enjoy your Popsicles.

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Apply jelly on your Popsicles for preventing mess and stickiness. Enjoy the munch.

Have a safe sparkle fun..

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Save your children hands from burning by using a plastic cup and then freely enjoy the sparkle fun.

Cute hack for cute girls, make your dolls more pretty

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Make your baby girls happier than ever, because now you can keep the doll hairs softer than ever by mixing fabric softener with water.

No mosquito can suck your child’s blood, thanka to this amazing hack

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Cover your baby’s cot with a sheet ,when out to keep you child safe from mosquitoes.

Does your child know how much toilet paper they are supposed to use? Then better try this hack

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Make a creative mark on the wall that will indicate to your child the actual amount of toilet paper he/she should use.

Create a stain resistant attractive oil cloth.

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This hack will help you in creating a play space as well as it will be less messy.

Give your child stain free clothes

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Add dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together to make your clothes free of any stains.

Plastic container will help you in selling cookies

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Well! that is what we call an invention. This container is mobile and lessens the burden. This is will help your child in selling cookies with ease.

Your child will stay where you will leave them, No more wandering

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The sticker will indicate your child that where to stay. No more roaming. Here is an example at Parking Pal.

Egg carton are very helpful.. you don’t believe it ? then try this hack

inventive life 15

While playing card games, egg carton helps you a lot. Try this hack during your next card game.

Keep an eye on your kids with this amazing hack

inventive life 16

So Kids! No more sneaking out because your parents know these brilliant life hacks.

Camera bags have more sections than diaper bags.

inventive life 17

Prefer using camera bags because they have more storage space than diaper bags. This will surely help you a lot.

Confusions are cleared.

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Attaching a sticker to your child’s shoe will help them resolve their confusion.

Have a strong Grip on your child’s pencil

inventive life 19

A rubber band can help your child to have a strong grip on pencil. Amazing, isn’t it. ?

Your clothes will not be mixed with anyone.

inventive life 20

Try a dot technique to separate your child’s clothes from others and it will also helps you in remembering that which cloth belongs to which child.

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    You clean your ass with 3 squares of toilet paper? I’ll not be sharing french fries with your anytime soon.

  2. Gaza Reply

    so put glue on your babys shoes?? So they can eat it and end up choking right?…yeah great idea….

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