Here’s How You Can Configure Your uTorrent To Get Maximum Download Speed

Optimize uTorrent step 1

Most of us make use of uTorrent for downloading freeware content as torrents offer great speed as compared to direct downloads. So today we decided to put up a guide for you all to make the most out of it.

Step 1: Testing your connection speedOptimize uTorrent step 1

First thing first folks; head over to a speed test and find out the connection speed multiple times so that you have an average value. Now pick up the mid value and proceed with this value to setup your upload speed (kb/sec).

Step 2: Setting uTorrent for your speedOptimize uTorrent Step 2

The next step involves going to options and speed guide. Now select the listing that is nearest to your speed connection result. The key over here is the fact that choosing higher speed does not give you improved speed and could in fact worsen the speed. Apart from this, also make sure you select a port number that is above 10000.

Step 3: Tweaking the download speedOptimize uTorrent Step 3

This step involves working with your download speed. We’ll break it down in smaller steps; start off by noting your download speed (kbits) and divide this value by 8 to get the speed in kBytes. Now multiply this value by 0.8 to get the 80% of the max speed. Open preferences from options and select Bandwidth and place this 80% value in the ‘Maximum Download Rate’.

Step 4: Protocol EncryptionOptimize uTorrent Step 4

Mostly some ISPs tend to interfere with the uTorrent. The fix is quite simple; open preferences from options tab and then select BitTorrent. Choose the Outgoing under the Protocol Encryption to Enable and also check the ‘Allow incoming legacy connections’.

Step 5: Firewall settingsOptimize uTorrent Step 5

You need to add uTorrent to Windows firewall or any other firewall that you are using.

Step 6: Hack the max half-open TCP connectionsOptimize uTorrent Step 6

Usually TCP connections are limited to a maximum number of 10 and this affects to how many peers you can connect to. This can be fixed by downloading a patch that allows you increase the maximum allowed connections to any number that you want. However, we recommend selecting a number between 50-100 and not greater than that. Afterwards, configure your uTorrent to allow 50-100 max half-open TCP option by going to Advanced options under preferences tab in Options and select net.max_halfopen.
Step 7: Maximum connected peers per torrentOptimize uTorrent Step 8

Here is how you select this number and remember greater is not always good. Multiply your upload speed with 1.3 and voila that is your number for connected peers per torrent.

Step 8: Optimize your Internet connectionOptimize uTorrent Step7

You need to optimize the Internet connection via freeware utility that will help you optimize your Internet connection. One such optimizer utility is TCP optimizer.

So thats it, now you can enjoy more downloading speed than before. That being done, we don’t support piracy at all therefore we all should respect the intellectual property rights while using torrents for downloading.


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