PrinCUBE Is The Smallest Colour Printer Ever

As the name of the start-up, The God Things, suggest, the product we’re about to disclose, is equally amazing! Claiming it to be the first-ever mobile printer. Curious to know the details? Same here!

The idea behind the gadget is no doubt super-amazing. The device gets connected to an app at your PC or smartphone communicating via Wi-Fi. Any text or object that you wish to print is then imported or created on the app. Once it is virtually designed, the graphics are relayed upon the inkjet printer’s memory and woo-hoo, the miracle is about to happen.

Adding to the qualities of this device, it is not dependent on plain sheets of paper or any A4 dimensions, rather, you can keep it over anything and it shall print it smoothly over the surface with the motion of your hands. Some cardboard guides are also present if you wish to print stacked lines of text.

The 900-mAh lithium battery has a life of 6 hours before it asks for a recharge. There is a tri-color ink cartridge as well that is capable of fully printing 415 pieces of A4 paper. The mini version of your printer is not at all heavy and can be loaded in your pocket whenever or wherever you need it. It weighs only 160 grams. Don’t add it to your cart now, because it hasn’t stepped into the market yet. But once it does, the retail price is planned to be $199. A similar device, you might have heard of, was PrintBrush XDR, designed and developed by Stockholm-based PrintDreams. But this one was unable to print full-page graphics.

Take out the creativity within you and start planning to give your room or workbench a new look. This mobile printer will help you print any design you want to on a piece of wood, a wall, on any cloth, or even on your shoes! Seems interesting and you must be starting your countdown. Devices like these make us realize that it’s no more the time when machines are places in one corner of the room or on your table. And they keep on performing the same task over and over again staying at the same place for years. Rather, today, gadgets are designed in a handy way, so that they can travel with you and stay within your reach at all times. Triggering the engineer within me, when shall a printer be developed that shall design and print merely following the coordinates we command them to. You must Google this.

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