Here’s How To Prepare Your Car To Withstand Harsh Winters

Prepare car for harsh winters

When the temperature starts dropping, it is time for you to get your ride ready for winters. If you have right maintenance, preparation, and right tools in your car it can literally be a life savior in harsh winters weather conditions. Before winters hit your town, you should get a regular maintenance of your car done. That means refilling those fluids that were neglected earlier while you were out enjoying summers. Get your car checked, change its oil, coolant, brake and transmission fluid as needed. Make sure you have a high-quality filter too in case of your oil or automatic transmission. It may cost you too much at times but it is worth the benefits in the long run.

You must get your car’s brakes checked. You should check your lights too. If they are not working properly, have them changed while getting your car serviced. Similarly, get new windshield wipers too if the current ones are over 6 months old. Also, fill the washer fluid reservoir with freeze resistant wiper fluid.

When it comes to tires, rotate them and inspect them thoroughly. You don’t want to be driving with bald or dry-rotted tires in the cold. If they are too worn for winters, invest in new tires, and have the old one replaced. Depending on your location and length of time you will be staying there, look for tires that are recommended for that area. You can look for snow or winter tires that are made with special low-temperature-resilient rubber compounds and have a deep grip on unplowed snow or ice. Winter tires ensure the grip on ice and don’t let the car slip on it like other ordinary tires. The spare tire in your car should also have enough air in it. When everything is set, check your tire pressure. If everything is well set, you will get the best gas mileage and the vehicle will also be easy to handle.

Prepare car for winter

The interior of the car is just as important as the exterior. Grab some all weather floor mats for your car. They are easy to clean and do a great job of keeping the muck in one place. Clean your windscreen and windows for a clearer visibility and reduce the likelihood of steamy gas.

Most important of all is to get the coolant system of your car checked. Extreme temperatures and harsh conditions can easily knock it out if it is not up to the mark. Also get the radiator of your car checked. If it is not working efficiently, have it replaced. Many shops now can have your car’s radiator checked without the hassle of removing them from the car.

Your car’s water pump also needs replacement at times. It has usually more miles on it than the recommended by the manufacturer. While you’re getting your car’s water pump changed, also look for the thermostat and have it changed as well.

If everything under the hood of your car is good to go, replacing your engine’s coolant is still recommended. It is a cheap insurance against extreme temperatures. With time, antifreeze can generate a weak electric current which can then cause oxidation and eventually the failure inside your car’s coolant system. Have a mix of at least 50/50 of antifreeze and water to provide protection against below zero temperatures. Keeping everything fresh inside your car will put less stress on your vehicle’s hardware and can save heaps of money later on.

In case you get stuck on the side of the road under extreme weather conditions, it is recommended that you keep the following supplies with you;

  • Blanket
  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlight
  • Chains
  • First Aid kit
  • Small knife
  • Flares
  • Energy bars
  • Water gloves
  • Small shovel
  • Waterproof matches
  • Ice scraper

A little preparation can go a long way to keep your car running and in good condition. The measures suggested above, will not only they protect you and your car but shall also keep you safe from dangerous harms during the harsh winters.

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