Learn To Communicate With Aliens At This Turkish University

There have been many people claiming to have had encounters with extraterrestrial beings. There are also some inexplicable objects which have baffled scientists. This has led to a great faction of people believing in the existing of aliens and the fact that they have even made contact with our world. A Turkish university strongly believes in that and is offering a course to communicate with aliens.

The Turkish university, Akdeniz lies in the province of Antalya and offers a course called “Ufology and Exopolitics”. Erhan Kolbasi is the tutor who believes that aliens have touched down on our planet multiple times and it has all been covered up. He aims to teach the students to properly communicate with the extraterrestrial beings.

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Kolbasi told the Dogan News that apart from interstellar diplomacy, the students will also be taught the alleged government cover-ups of alien activity on Earth. Kolbasi serves as the deputy chair of Istanbul-based Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center. He believes that modern technology like fiber optics cables, microchips, and night vision devices have all been recovered at UFO crash sites.

“We believe representatives from the world and extraterrestrial civilizations will soon be making official contact with each other. We think they will be in an open and mass contact. [It will be the] biggest change seen in the history of the world,” Kolba? I told the Turkish news agency, adding that he expected this contact “within 10 or 15 years.”

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The Turkish university tutor blames the secret organization Majestic 12 (MJ-12) for these cover-ups and for depriving humanity of the knowledge about aliens. He said that they used all means, including murder to let people from finding out the truth. This organization was allegedly formed by U.S. President Harry Truman in the name of protecting national interests.

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MJ-12 is a legend and plays a central role in all UFO conspiracy theories. Many have tried to unearth the mystery but it remains unsolved to this day. Even the FBI studied the first documents to mention MJ-12 as part of an inquiry involving and U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations and made the following statement on their website:

“In 1988, two FBI offices received similar versions of a memo titled “Operation Majestic-12…” claiming to be a highly classified government document. The memo appeared to be a briefing for newly-elected President Eisenhower on a secret committee created to exploit a recovery of an extra-terrestrial aircraft and cover up this work from public examination. An Air Force investigation determined the document to be a fake.”

If you still believe in UFOs and want to communicate with aliens, the Turkish university is the right place for you.

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