This Portable Light Is A Flashlight, A Lantern And A Bike Light

We need light to work. We have the sun during the day to get us through our chores but when it goes down, the lights go up. Now we require different types of light to perform different functions, especially if it’s outdoor work. We need a flashlight to explore in the dark, we need a lantern to show us the way, and we need a bike light when we are driving a bicycle. What if you could accomplish all those functions with a single light.

A startup, 33 Parallel, is trying to help in the regard by eliminating the need to own a different light for different purposes. They have introduced their new Portable Adaptive Lighting (PAL) system that can pair a single light head with various body types like a flashlight handle, a headband, and a bike mount among others.

(Source: New Atlas)

33 Parallel was tired of having to own multiple lights and decided to do something about it. “All personal lighting products are different – different brands, different battery sizes, different applications … and since we all have different needs, we found ourselves with an unnecessary number of personal lighting products,” the company explains. “We were frustrated, and we couldn’t find a solution that would provide us with reliable access to light in all conditions, so we set out to develop the perfect light for every application.”

Some companies already make similar multipurpose lights by 33 Parallel aims to take their portable adaptive lighting system even further by making a strong and easy to use ecosystem. The foundation of PAL is a simple LED cube with an integrated battery. Even though it is small in size (5 x 5 x 3 cm), it has four tactile buttons instead of the conventional one and allows you to control on/off power, brightness, flood/spot modes, and SOS activation. This makes it easier to switch between modes and saves you from the arduous task of doing the same using a button.

(Source: New Atlas)

This portable adaptive lighting system comes with accessories of its own. There is a flashlight handle which has a battery of its own and extends the life of the light. In addition to that, there is also a bike mount and a headlamp strap. Other compatible accessories in the works include an articulating work light arm and a lantern with foldable legs/handles.

The switching of the LED head is made easy with magnetic-assisted mounting hardware. You can charge light with a wall charger as well as a USB cable. PAL offers up to 350 lumens via three brightness settings. It is still on Kickstarter but is expected to start shipping by September 2018 and eliminate the need of owning multiple lights.

(Source: New Atlas)

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