Pistol Found On Mars By NASA Rover, Conspiracy Theorists Claim. What Do You Think?

Mars And Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It 5

Do you know who got an early Christmas present? The conspiracy theorists because YouTuber alien hunter Streetcap1 has shared a video online that shows what appears to be a handgun on Mars. The conspiracy theorists have suggested that there might be alien outlaws that are running wild and free on the red planet.Mars And Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It 2

The proof lies between Mount Edgecumbe and Wdowiak Ridge and is being touted as a ‘Martian pistol’. The images were collected by NASA’s Opportunity rover in 2014 and some even claim that the images have not been tinkered with in any way whatsoever. The firearm was spotted by Streetcap1 who then went on to sharing it with others.Mars And Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It

He suggests that it might have been thrown onto the Martian surface following the crashing of an alien ship – he even pointed out some debris that was lying close to the gun. A well-known Martian researcher, Scott C. Waring from UFO Sighting Daily picked up on this piece of evidence. He says, “I have to admit…it’s incredible. This is defiantly one of his all tie top ten discoveries of Streetcap1’. I guess this is why NASA built the rovers, to find alien technology and scan it and possibly retrieve it at a later date.”Mars And Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It 3

According to other theorists, the images are so clear that they are actually able to get the detail of the trigger and model type. In fact, another theorist writes, “The weapon looks remarkably like a semi-automatic Smith & Wesson.45” while another wrote, “it looks like a SIG Pro semi-automatic.” Mars And Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It 5 Mars And Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It 6 Mars And Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It 7

On the very same day that the handgun was spotted, alien hunters have also managed to spot an ancient burial ground (supposedly). The object was spotted in a picture that was sent to Earth by the Curiosity rover. YouTuber Mister Enigma spotted this one and says, “Something remarkable has been found in a Mars rover photo. If we zoom into this NASA image taken by the Curiosity Rover, we will see what appears to be some kind of sarcophagus lying on the edge of a cliff. It is awfully close to what Egyptians use to encase mummies in after death. Another strange thing about this is that in another photo taken a few moments later in the same area, there are what looks like two faces carved on the side of the cliff facing the area of the sarcophagus.”



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