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Photographer Removes Smartphones From Pictures – The Results Show Our Addiction To Technology

photographer removes smartphones from pictures8

These days nearly everybody is engrossed in the screens of their smart devices and so much that it all appears unnatural and totally out of place in a society with this kind of primate intelligence. You may have noticed how our lives, postures, hand grips and even “chilling out” postures have changed due to the advent of these technologies. It’s like something you can detect is terribly wrong, but you can’t spell out anything material because the right words fail you. The only way to explain it is through pictures and leave the understanding to you.

Eric Pickergil is a photographer that was himself at the other end of the smartphone addiction as he used to spend hours and hours on his mobile device. Even he didn’t realize what was wrong till he came across this non-descript family he encountered while sitting inside a New York Cafe. He made notes of his first encounter that clearly said that something quite unsocial is happening as they aren’t talking to each other and instead focusing on their phones and tablets. He made a mental note to pursue this crazy idea of people’s lives being affected by smart technology. He began to imagine what it would be like if they hadn’t got phones in their hands. So, he met a lot of people like friends, family and strangers and asked to take a picture while using their smartphones and tablets. Just before taking the picture, he would have the gadgets removed, and a set of socially awkward pics followed.

Here are some of the incredible pics from the contemporary photographer:

Despite the obvious improvement in our lives due to technology, this suggests that we have stopped behaving as we are naturally meant to be and forced to become a slave of technology as we can’t live without it.

He is by no means a pre-technology person. He just wants people to have a different view of the world.

So. how awkward these pics are? Do you agree that it appears something wrong with this whole setting? Let us know in the comments!