People On Internet Are Fighting Over This. What Direction Is This Train Moving?


Is the train moving into the tunnel or coming out of it? Let us know in comments below.

(Note: It many take a few seconds for the train to start moving)




  1. jesse Reply

    your wrong. the train in not moving in a detection but back and forth at a hi frame rate, very well done work and i almost missed it my self. there are clues to it though. the train is to still pic’s being replayed over and over that makes the train actually going both and no where at all and makes it look like it is going both directions depending on how you look at the pic. one clue…If you pay close attention to the reflections on the train you will see it. but again its very nice work.

  2. robson Reply

    I can see it going both ways it keeps changing and the people could be seeing it coming in or going out

  3. Manu Reply

    When you first see it .. It is coming out of the tunnel, at that particular point only your brain is right about this after that .. Brain got confused because of the speed

  4. Ryan Reply

    It is coming out as you can see by the people on the platform looking in the direction that train is coming from

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