Here’s How You See the List of People Who Have Ignored Your Friend Request on Facebook

facebook friend rejected friend request

It is really annoying when you send your crush a friend request and she doesn’t doesn’t accept it for some reason. If you are regularly sending out requests and you have the feeling that they aren’t being accepted due to some reason, chances are you need to work on what these group of people have in common and take remedial action. Here is how you can get your hands on a complete list of people who have ever rejected you on Facebook:

Click the Friend Requests Tab.

facebook friend rejected friend request

Select See All Option

facebook friend rejected friend request2

Click View Sent Requests

facebook friend rejected friend request3

And TADA! Here is the list of people who rejected you on Facebook. And remember, a pending request is a rejected request!

facebook friend rejected friend request4

It is a simple tool that is available for everybody, but not many know how to use it to improve their social network experience. If the number of these people is more than hundred, I have some bad news for you man. You are the forever alone guy!

[via Tech Insider]

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