People Are Renting Out Starlink Satellite Internet Dishes, And Making Bank

In recent times, an interesting trend has emerged where individuals are tapping into the potential of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet through Facebook Marketplace. This unique endeavor involves renting out the cutting-edge technology for vacationers and remote workers, opening up new opportunities for both users and entrepreneurs alike.

Austen Allred, the CEO of a startup, shared his personal experience on X (formerly known as Twitter), recounting how he decided to rent out a Starlink satellite internet kit for his family vacation. What he discovered was even more intriguing – one Facebook user was successfully renting out a whopping seven of these satellite devices, generating an impressive monthly income of approximately $5,000.

“Tried to grab a Starlink for a family camping trip but was too short notice to have it shipped on time,” Bloomtech CEO Austen Allred wrote on X last month. “Look on Facebook marketplace and people are renting them out for $25-30/day.”

As reported by Insider, Facebook Marketplace has become a hub for Starlink rental listings. These listings offer a range of pricing options, with daily rates varying between $25 and $35. This concept is particularly appealing when considering the costs associated with the Starlink service, which typically involves a $599 equipment fee and a $110 monthly subscription fee in the US. By renting out the service for just a few days a month, individuals can potentially cover their monthly expenses and even recoup their initial equipment costs within a short span of time.

While the exact earnings of the unnamed Starlink owner remain unverified, the presence of numerous rental listings on Facebook Marketplace paints a clear picture of the growing interest in this innovative venture. Some individuals, like Thomas Sands and McKenzie Coffman, were inspired to test the waters of this new opportunity after witnessing Allred’s successful experience.

“It’s the new ‘AirBnB’ of mobile internet,” Coffman, who said he paid $600 for the hardware and $135 a month for the mobile subscription, told Insider over text. “No one wants to pay $600 for the equipment to use it once a year.”

Notably, many sellers on the platform are targeting remote workers who require reliable internet connectivity. This strategy seems to be paying off, as evidenced by instances where owners are reporting high demand and even investing in additional units to keep up. Some sellers are even providing multiple unit options, including the mobile variant designed for RVs, and offering to ship the devices directly to renters. However, it’s worth noting that many are also requesting a deposit of $500 to ensure the safe return of the equipment.

“Starlink is a great way to ensure that you can stay connected while you take your time to disconnect and relax, be it for emergency situations, leisure during winding down, access to music and movies on the go, or doing your WFH tasks so you don’t have to burn vacation days while you have your getaway!” an ad from another Starlink owner reads.

Interestingly, the concept of renting out Starlink services doesn’t stop at Facebook Marketplace. Various websites have sprung up, offering similar rentals at around $30 per day. Moreover, there are indications that SpaceX itself is contemplating entering the rental market. Reports have surfaced suggesting that the company is considering offering the hardware for a monthly fee, potentially making the service even more accessible.

SpaceX’s Starlink service, which boasts availability in 48 US states and over 55 countries, continues to gather momentum. As of May, the company announced that it had already amassed a subscriber base of over 1.5 million users. This growth underscores the increasing significance of reliable and high-speed internet access, especially in the context of remote work and leisure activities.

In conclusion, the trend of renting out SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet on platforms like Facebook Marketplace represents a unique and potentially lucrative opportunity for individuals to not only cover their expenses but also generate additional income. As technology and connectivity continue to evolve, innovative ventures like this highlight the creative ways in which people are leveraging new advancements to improve their lives and financial prospects. Whether it’s for a family vacation or remote work needs, the potential of Starlink’s rental market seems to be on the rise.

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