People In The UK Are Filling Potholes With Flowers That The Government Is Neglecting

road potholes filled with flowers bath uk343

What do you do when your city administration is completely incompetent and stubborn in the face of ever increasing death traps in the shape of road pot holes? You make these eyesores as beautiful as possible, of course!

Picture: SWNS

Take a look around the craters at Bath, UK which have been turned into flower pots by a group of guerrilla gardeners. These vigilantes have been decorating the potholes with flowers in a bid to raise awareness about the negligence of the city administration.

Picture: SWNS

One of the campaigners said:

‘We’ve been going around filling different potholes.

In an area of America there were a load of potholes filled in with pot plants although that’s not what we are doing here.

We think it’s a good thing to do but it’s more than about making people smile.’

Picture: SWNS

The area of Bath and North East Somerset are plagued by potholes despite being given a £4.4 million grant for repairs in January. Not only they are an inconvenience, but some of them also become traffic hazards since people try to sway away and disrupt the traffic. They also wreck havoc on the car and can be especially dangerous when filled with water or snow.

Picture: SWNS

‘Potholes are a real problem and have the potential to be death traps for bikers and cyclists and with cars there is an issue with blow-outs to wheels.

‘The whole point is to raise awareness of them.’

The vigilantes are now looking to expand their protest to the rest of the city.


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