Patchnride Is A New Gadget That Gets Your Flat Tire Up In 60 Seconds


John F. Kennedy once said, ’Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride’. Well, we would like to add to it. Nothing serves as a better mood spoiler than a flat tire on perfect cycling day. Getting a flat tire sucks, but you can make it suck less with this new gadget called patchnride.


You don’t have to be an expert to fix your tire now. With this simple portable gadget, you can quickly repair your bike tire without even getting any grease on your hands. The first step is to pinpoint the leak. For this comes the ‘Leak Detector’. This is a liquid solution which is applied over the tire with a piece of cloth. The liquid reacts with the air being released causing bubbles to surface at the point of leak.

The device’s head is, then, inserted into the hole. Pressing the start button would inject an adhesive patch. When done, the tube is pumped with air to press the patch in place. A cartridge called ‘Patch Pod’ comes along, which can be substituted with a refill when needed. The process is a Do-it-Yourself and doesn’t require the user to know the technical details.


The company claims that the tool can fix punctures up to 3 mm in size in 60 seconds. The gadget is good for any bicycle, be it cruisers, mountain or road bikes. The first version is, however, for clincher or tubular tires. A version for tubeless tires is expected to come later. The company has started taking orders to be shipped from September 2014. You can take advantage of their promotional prices now.




Along with the ease that Patchnride brings to a biker’s life, it also contributes to a healthier environment for tomorrow. Every year millions of inner tubes end up on landfills all over the world. However, every time you use patchnride to repair your flat tire, you are contributing to save our planet one tire at a time by extending its lifespan.


No more costly fixtures, enjoy the ride!

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