Harley Davidson Introduces Its First Electric Bike

Harley Davidson Project LiveWire

Harley Davidson is an iconic company when it comes to motorbikes and has no doubt come a far way from when it was started. The image that will instantly pop up in your mind is that of a rugged looking biker when you hear the name Harley Davidson along with the roaring sound of a v-twin engine enough to make you wish you owned that bike. You would be surprised to know that this roaring sound is so peculiar and unique to Harley Davidson that it attempted trademark it back in the 1990s.Harley Davidson Project LiveWire 4 Harley Davidson Project LiveWire 6

However, the bikers you find who own a Harley Davidson are no longer gang members but people with good standing and salaries. This is where the paradigm shift that has taken transportation market over comes in; going electric! Harley Davidson has announced Project LiveWire as a possible future for the company. The bike roars like a jet fighter ready for takeoff (Top Gun Moment – Heck, why not?)Harley Davidson Project LiveWire 5 Harley Davidson Project LiveWire 3 Harley Davidson Project LiveWire 2

According to Harley Davidson, the electric hog is capable of ‘tire-shredding performance’ and suggests that user compare it to an electric guitar instead of Nissan Leaf. As of now, LiveWire is on a tour of US dealerships in order to get customers’ review followed by tour of Canada and Europe next year.Harley Davidson Project LiveWire 7

We are moving towards a society where everything will be environment friendly and shall not deplete our natural resources and we fully congratulate Harley Davidson on realizing this dream and acting to achieve it.


  1. Arley Reply

    megusta este tipo de motos y siendo electricas mucho mas, gracias por estas opciones para los clientes espero algun dia tener una. sin mas Arley Meliz Torrens Jefe departamento tecnico de Tele Artemisa Cuba

  2. tushar late Reply

    Harley Bhau tuzi hi gadi kava lunch hoanar hay? amachy kolivady n hich ghadi gyche dadusla manun sangato lavakar lunch kar nay tar bhet nakyvar

  3. Brent Theobald Reply

    I rode the LiveWire today. I liked it. Everyone hated the mirrors. It took a few moments to get used to no clutch and no shifter. But I got the hang of it. I disliked the pokey roll on power. I’d like a snappier launch – but I get it. New technology: HD makes it less wheelie prone – for now! It rode great. It has good balance (I was concerned about that with the battery where the tank is. I suppose the motor/tranny assy is just a lump.) The 35mph roll-on power was very good. I liked that very much. I loved the turbine whine, but I want it louder. Since it charges that battery whenever you are slowing down it constantly feels like you are compression braking. So, no coasting. I didn’t test the brakes much because the LiveWire decels very quickly. It feels almost production ready to me. As a bonus I was able to ride with a LiveWire for a short distance. Looked like one of the HD guys scarpered with a demo bike for the evening. (My apologies if I forced my way into your ride. I had the red VFR1200.)
    In short: Things I liked:
    Styling – looked great
    Handling – loved it. Flickable.
    Power – Loved the roll on power
    Ergos – everything was where it was supposed to be. The bike fit my 6′-0, 190 pound frame.
    Tech: Very cool. I love the regen braking feature. Performance and Prius mode is cool too
    Touchy feeling: It feels like a real bike. Nothing klugey.
    Quality: Loved the feel of the bike. Especially the huge CNC milled bits around the engine.

    Things that need improvement:
    Mirrors – useless
    Sound – make that engine/tranny whine!
    Power – fix the launch setting
    Throttle – I had to roll it farther than was comfortable. I had to hold it, re-position my hand, then keep accelerating.

    All minor stuff.

    When can I have one? I want to be a LiveWire evangelist.

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