Palmer Johnson World Is A New Super-Yacht That Resembles A Floating Palace

The Palmer Johnson World 3

Yachts always symbolize luxury and leisure; however, this particular yacht is about to set the standards very high once it debuts in 2015. Say hello to the Palmer Johnson World that can be rightly called the most amazing super-yacht that has been designed up till now. The project is a joint venture undertaken by Rolls-Royce marine and Palmer Johnson.The Palmer Johnson World 2

The yacht is 267 Feet in length and shall accommodate the world’s most advanced and environmentally friendly marine technology. Coupled with the capability to even operate in ice allow this yacht to be able to perform in any environment. The yacht is under construction at Norway with room for 12 guests and a crew of 27. There has been no price tag revelation yet, however, CNN has placed the price at $150 million.The Palmer Johnson World 4

The Palmer Johnson can be termed as a floating palace owing to the luxuries that it will offer to its users. The yacht, as per the info available, shall have a cinema, a beauty salon, submarine docking station for a 6 people crew submarine. The yacht shall come equipped with thermal imaging system that will allow the security to pinpoint pirates and employ water canons to ward them off. It can also be equipped with LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) that can work as a sonic weapon.The Palmer Johnson World

The yacht will run thanks to 4 Rolls-Royce Marine Bergen Diesel generators that will result in a maximum speed of 16.5 knots. The interior and exterior designing has been carried out by Nuvolari Lenard – an award wining design firm. The yacht also features a helipad and can also be equipped with a platform capable of retracting; lowering and raising a helicopter out of and into the hangar present onboard.The Palmer Johnson World 6

The yacht also houses a swimming pool with features of a waterfall and even access to the ship’s helipad. The owner’s luxurious room houses a panoramic view high atop the superstructure of the yacht and also a private bath that has ocean views. The yacht has a main lounge for guests where a room shall have a grand piano.The Palmer Johnson World 5

The guests can also choose to spend time in the yacht’s beach lounge while those who are looking for a workout can check out the yacht’s gym with Jacuzzi. We wonder who will be purchasing this Floating palace!

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