Now You Can Board The World’s Largest Cruise Ship With Google Street View


From the World Cup Stadia in Brazil to the temples of Angkor Wat, from the Grand Canyon to the Great Barrier Reef, Google Street View has been letting you travel to beautiful places from the comforts of your sofa. And now, it welcomes you aboard the world’s largest and most luxurious cruise, Allure of the Seas.


You can tour the exciting ship with its ravishing dinning hall, swimming pool, ice skating rink and sun deck.


The ship can accommodate 54,000 passengers apart from the crew for restaurants and shopping street.

It’s a treat to see some unique activities happening on the ship including the acrobat training in Aqua theatre and a trip across the zip line. There’s also a 200ft rock wall in the ship and boasts a merry-go-round. How exciting is that!













Allure of the Seas-9

People can zoom nine storeys above the ground.


The virtual tour around the ship excites and enthralls the onlookers to pay a real visit and this was the strategic reason for the collaboration between Google Maps Business View – the commercial arm of Google’s Street View- and the RoyalCaribbean.

Viewers can take a sneak-peak into the rooms, but they can’t wander around just anywhere.


The boarders will now better expect as to what are they going to experience and what their money is going to buy them.

“Consumers go online to research their holidays and this is the closest they can get to actually being on board.”, Jo Briody of the cruise line said.

The 1184 ft long and 222,900 tonnes heavy Allure of the Seas is a compaction of enormous fun and entertainment.

Take the tour here. 



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