Over 50 Examples of Ignoring Occupational Health And Safety


The objective of occupational health and safety is to make work environment safer. Need for speedy completion of work should not be at the cost of human safety. Here are some examples where safety was not taken into consideration


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  1. ALL of them, without exception, are downright plain stupid, careless, and in most cases, a hazard to others around, even if the others adhere to safety norms.
    It is also sure that they’ve chosen the risk knowingly, eyes open, and very much aware of the consequences of something going wrong, yet chose to do it this way, being foolhardy, trying to save costs or just being adventureous.
    We can pardon, eudcate and train some of them doing these unaware of the risks, but there’s no way you can get the rest follow safety, and unfortunately, learn from experience, however tragic the end may be.
    Perhaps that is how they are programmed to learn !

    1. Dear oh dear!! If the world was populated only by people like you we would all still be living, scared, in caves!! The world is way too sanitised these days with rules and regulations designed to protect us from ourselves!

      1. The world would also be over populated,
        although I think the gene pool should have the likes of these people removed its tough on their families, Pete you may think its OK to die at work the families of the 133 people who died in the UK last year may disagree, but of course it only ever happens to other people so that’s OK.
        If you want to put yourself at risk do it for yourself not for your employer, dying at work to get the job done quicker is a waste of time, if you want to die do it having fun.

  2. Left this out of my comment: The weight lifter with the baby should be jailed. Can you tell that when babies are concerned it bothers me even more than when people “just” risk their own lives?

  3. Some people are just plain brain dead. The pregnant skateboarder should have the baby taken away. If she’s so reckless before the baby’s born, can you imagine how clueless she’ll be when it is born?