Foldable Trucks for The Developing World


OXA prototype truck called OX has been made by Global Vehicle Trust (GVT) to deliver inexpensive and dependable transportation to the developing countries. GVT wanted to provide such a low cost vehicle to the far flung areas of the world where people cannot afford such luxuries. OX weights 1500 kg and is diesel driven with a carrying capacity of 13 passengers and eight 44 gallon oil drums or distributes a 2,000kg payload. The interesting fact about this OX is its easy accessibility and packaging. Once wrapped up, 6 OX’s can fit inside solo shipping container. Once unloaded, it takes about 11 hours for OX to be fully assembled into proper shape. This remarkable machine can be called the modern day transformer as it can serve the purpose of an electrical generator, a water pump, a saw mill, etc. OX (2)Sir Torquil Norman, the head of Norman Trust is the brain behind this amazing invention and according to him, “a village with an OX would suddenly be independent and could conceivably prevent its young people being forced to move to some terrible slum in a huge city………I think we might just have the tiger by the tail. It seems to me we may be opening a door to making a lot of people’s lives better.” With the OX gaining fame, it is said to have an estimated cost of between $15,000 – $23,000 (£10,000 and £15,000). It is thought to gain more popularity once out in the market as it is bound to attract farmers, estate owners etc., as a result of its amazing properties of dealing with rugged terrains and huge load carrying capacity. OX (1) The fund collected from selling this highly efficient, low priced, worlds first flat-pack truck and a compact vehicle, will go to charity projects.

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