Over 200 People In The U.S Are Now Showing Symptoms Of The Havana Syndrome


Owing to the escalated onset of the pandemic, people are now more aware of the diseases that erupt and tend to pay extra attention to the changes in their bodies if they notice so. This has made them more cautious and concerned about their health. moreover, this mindfulness has been helpful in detecting the causes of certain conditions people may be experiencing.

Recently, there are a group of symptoms that are being experienced by people in the United States of America in some specific regions. The reports have been sourced from Europe and the symptoms are labeled as the Havana Syndrome.

This syndrome is felt by people who have come from the US to Europe. Quite recently, a diplomat in Germany from the US had to leave early before his tenure because he was feeling some symptoms. These symptoms were first reported in Havana in 2016. These included hearing ringing in the ears or random noises. An effect on the body’s balance is also felt. It sometimes affects the person’s cognitive abilities as well.

These symptoms were later felt by the diplomats assigned in China and Russia. It is being speculated that these are not just coincidental symptoms. They are part of a premeditated plan. An investigation was carried by the State that related the possibility of this syndrome to chemical exposure, infection, or psychological illness. This can also be attributed to microwave radiation exposure. It was revealed that around 5 decades ago, Russia was keenly interested in microwave radiation for weaponry.

There are 200 cases reported now and they belong from the CIA, State Department, and the Defense Department in the US. A similar sort of radiation-related incident was reported near the White House in the years 2019 and 2020 as well. Investigations are being carried out to reach the root problem of this Havana Syndrome. Meanwhile, the people infected are being given excellent medical care.


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