A Forest Fire In Oregon Has Been Causing Terrifying Lightning Storms

The atmosphere and environment around us are changing rapidly. This is nature trying to tell us that these are the consequences of the irresponsible actions that are widespread on the earth. Greenhouse gas emissions, increasingly incessant pollution, global warming, and extreme shifts in temperature have created some irreversible damages to the earth. The earth has absorbed all these changes and they are now manifesting into different kinds of natural phenomena that are proving to be destructive.

Recently, a fire started due to the extreme heat waves blowing in Southern Oregon. The heatwaves were extremely intense, and they ended up causing a fire in the region. This did not start on a small scale. In fact, it caught on significantly quickly and gulped expansive grasslands along with the forest. In total, the area eaten up by this giant fire is almost 530 square miles.

The extent of the fire is reported such that it is causing different weather changes in the area. Usually, the course of fire is directed by the weather but this time, roles are reversed, and the fire is predicting the weather and it is not good news.

Firefighters who are relentlessly working to control the spread of this fire are also taking refuge in safer spaces as it seems to be insatiable. The fumes released are going up in the air and causing the formation of dense clouds. These clouds cause giant winds to blow, which in turn, spread the fire more. One of these clouds almost reached the height of 45,000 feet and caused lightning in the sky. This lightning is alleged to trigger further fires in the forest and the whole region.

The situation is escalating quickly and faster than what could have been predicted. Experts are speculating on the possibility of fire tornadoes.

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