Obsessed Japanese Audiophiles Are Installing Personal Utility Poles for An Enhanced Audio Experience


From investing in the best gadgets available in the market to employing device hacks, the audiophiles go to extreme lengths to ensure that they get to enjoy an enhanced audio experience. The Japanese audiophiles have taken the quest for the perfect sound quality to another level by installing their own utility poles!


Image Source: WSJ


The audio enthusiasts believe that a personal utility pole will provide enough juice to keep their sound systems in perfect working condition. Albeit the absence of scientific proof to support their claims, these audio buffs insist that a private utility pole ensures an improved sound experience.


Image Source: Yukio Yoshihara


Takeo Morita spent $10,000 on the 40-feet-tall concrete utility pole, complete with a private transformer, installed in his backyard.

“Electricity is like blood. If it is tainted, the whole body will get sick. No matter how expensive the audio equipment is, it will be no good if the blood is bad.”

These audiophiles insist that the personal utility pole eliminates electrical interference originating from the neighbourhood, enabling them to decipher even the subtlest musical notes!



Yukio Yoshihara is a 62-year-old audio enthusiast who had always appreciated the improved quality of music at night when the appliances in the neighbourhood were not in use. After conferring with the local electricians, he invested $40,000 for a custom pole and circuit breaker panelling.

“I found out just how polluted the power supply was. [The music] sounded so fresh and vivid, like they were playing in front of my eyes.”


Image Source: Yukio Yoshihara


Yoshihara’s 57-year-old wife Reiko said that she didn’t discern any difference:

“It’s completely beyond my understanding. But if I take it away from him, he will lose the motivation to live.”

Maybe you don’t need Apple’s new AirPods after all; a personal utility pole will do the trick!


  1. Yorga Reply

    Your point is valid. Harmonics are not good for audio.
    However, if harmonics is the culprit I thought good pure-sine-wave UPS would do the job with much lesser money.

  2. Maxef Reply

    There’s some truth in what they say. Household devices can cause harmonic distortion and if neighbourhood is connected to not-oversized transformer, the voltage waveform will look nothing like sine wave.
    However, distortions are diminished by transformers, so High Voltage grid has lower Total Harmonic Distortion than Low Voltage side.
    Connecting one’s own transformer to HV grid will let them use “cleaner” energy.

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